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Disney / ABC started a Soap Revolution on April 14th when they announced the cancellation of two iconic American daytime dramas, One Life To Live and All My Children. Like a flash mob, millions of devoted & loyal soap opera enthusiasts across Canada & the United States flocked to social media outlets like facebook & Twitter and quickly organized and pooled their resources and talents. We evolved into a lean fighting machine and secured recurring national coverage in the Wall Street Journal and The Globe.

Prospect Park Licenses One Life to Love and All My Children in a 10 yr, Multi-platform AgreementOn July 7th, 2011 ABC announced that it had inked a 10 year multi-platform online licensing deal with Prospect Park for which we are all grateful and appreciative. While we have very little information on the details outlined in this deal, we are hopeful that multi-platform includes cable so no soap fan is left behind. We understand that there may be 'down time' while Prospect Park negotiates contracts, settles on a location and builds sets. We are asking people to be patient while waiting for the details to unfold and hopefuly they come sooner rather than later. The good news is that online web series do not rely on the flawed Nielsen Polling system to count viewers!

The Save Our Soaps movement was always about more than the 'soaps'. It is about the orchestrated demise of the storytelling / scripted drama genre in lieu of cheaper reality TV. It is about ageism, sexism, greed, lack of network loyalty & a broken system. The Nielsen system is antiquated & out of touch with the myriad of ways people watch TV programming in this day & age. This system focuses on the 18 - 49 year old demographic. With only 27,000 Nielsen homes, less than 1% of the population determines what approximately 300+ million people will watch. Even if you are not a soap opera enhusiast, you should care about what's going on & support us!

  • Being discounted & discarded
  • Being told what we like & do not like
  • What we should & should not do
  • What we should watch on television

We are working to Save The Soaps, remember to follow us on Twitter and The Soap Revolution facebook page. There are tools for you to use in your campaign to Save Our Soaps.

The Soap Revolution started as a wave of support to save two daytime soap operas and rallied millions of people demanding to be heard and counted & quickly became a movement to save scripted programming. We are here to show corporate America that if you want our consumer dollars, it will require that you treat us with respect, integrity, and consideration.

Welcome to The Soap Revolution!

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